Is Secularism & Socialism too heavy for Constitution to hold ?


The 66 th Republic day of India was celebrated in a grandeur manner with American President as Chief guest of the occasion. The beauty of India, as one with holding all the differences was portrayed bravely in front of a foreign leader. As soon as the celebrations over a new issue bloomed up from the advertisement released by the Government of India in the dailies on Republic Day in which the words Secularism and Socialism is left out. Though, Mr.Rathore , Minister of state for Information and Broadcast stated it was a mistake and also justified it by saying that they released the same advertisement which was released on the first republic day. But, the issue got furious after the comment made by Shiv Sena as the mistake is sensible and another Minister Mr.Ravi shankar parasad, said a discussion as to be carried out whether to have or remove those words. Though many members from the ruling party is not open to this issue these kind of statements raises many doubts in the minds of people. Actually, the word Secularism and Socialism is added to the constitution during the emergency rule under Indira Gandhi. Although many Janata Party rules were there after this but they did not made any changes in this part.

Many advocates that India is already secular and socialist country right from the independence i.e., even before the inclusion in the constitution and also states that there is no clear cut definition to the word secularism.

According to me though secularism and socialism was already present even before its addition in to the constitution it doesn’t mean we can remove it because the present state of minds of people and in the early years is entirely different. Secondly, according to our constitution secularism means there is no aversion towards a particular religion instead a neutral stand to all the religions and to the justification of Mr. Rathore of following the first republic day advertisement, our present constitution is not as same as it was in the past it has taken many shapes and forms so it would had been nice if it displayed our present form.

So, its a unwanted to discuss or debate in these issues with hell lot of things is at critical state to be taken care. Lot of developments and growth are important in the present situation as Mr.Jaitely said we lost much to china in these years its better to concentrate on those issues than this. And finally our Hon.P.M. Modi who is very keen on developments should open up on this issues with immediate effect before it reaches a negative climax.


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