So, finally a shocking day to the Indian cricket fans with an unexpected decision from our India cricket skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. His announcement of retirement from test format has come, soon after the result of the third test at Melbourne. This had initiated many debates among the fans and the experts whether its right time or whether its right decision. Whatever may be, the brave captain retired in test format with a brave heart. With a Test career of 90 matches, scores run of 4876 at an average of 39.09. He captained the side for 60 Tests out of which India won 27 matches and lost 18 matches with a winning percentage of 45 which is the highest for any Indian skipper.


Though he has a highest winning profile compared to any other Indian captain he has been criticised for the continuous defeats of Indian team overseas. He made his first Test as captain in 2008 when Anil Kumble was injured and continued to take over the captaincy after the retirement of Anil Kumble. The first part of his captaincy was victorious which lead India to the top spot in the year 2009. We also accept he was in the shades of the senior batsmen who were with loads of experience. But after 2011-2012 with the retirement of senior players the stability of Indian cricket in test format started to stumble. With less experience of younger players in the team, defeats started to pile upon with many numbers of overseas series. MS Dhoni with a brave heart started to take responsibilities of the defeats. When India was defeated badly in Tests in England he was criticised for his captaincy but he valiantly said “I can’t quit captaincy. That will be running away from the responsibility. It’s my job to give Team India the lost glory again”. When teams Test performance started to dip his batting career was also not in a rise though he managed with few 50’s at a difficult situation.


Many criticise Dhoni for his defeat in overseas Test’s by comparing with Ganguly’s overseas career. Following are the overseas records of the Indian captains:

  • Ganguly: 11 (Zimbabwe – 3, Bangladesh – 3, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies)
  • Dhoni: 6 (England, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies)
  • Dravid: 5 (Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, England)
  • Bedi: 3 (Australia – 2, West Indies)
  • MAK Pataudi: 3 (New Zealand – 3)
  • Gavaskar: 2 (New Zealand, Australia)
  • Kapil Dev: 2 (England – 2)
  • Kumble: 2 (Australia, Sri Lanka)
  • Wadekar: 2 (West Indies, England)
  • Azharuddin: 1 (Sri Lanka)
  • Sehwag: 1 (Bangladesh)


Out of 11 wins under Ganguly’s captaincy 3 are against Zimbabwe 3 against Bangladesh 1 each against Cricket Australia, West Indies and Cricket South Africa. 5 are on subcontinent pitches. Am not degrading Ganguly it is not right  in comparing their Test captaincy tenure as Ganguly had a team of in form Sachin, Anil Kumble, Laxman, Dravid etc in his squad which Dhoni not had for past 2 to 3 years. Ganguly is the one who showed us the winning formula overseas we should definitely accept that, but not by degrading other.


The Bowling department of Indian cricket is not up to the mark right from the start and it became worse since 2011 which made Dhoni suffer lot as captain. Many young bowlers are just blooming in the test format in which they were not able to perform consistently.  Dhoni also holds many records as wicket keeper batsman completing his 250th catch in Australian series.


There always rumours around that Dhoni is the reason for retirement of many senior players but none of them came out with a hit instead they praised him for  his role. You may be a fan of anyone but whenever someone comes to lead or take responsibilities its necessary to back them which is surely missing among Indians.

There are also meme by fans which say he doesn’t wait for milestones such as 100 Tests blah blah which indirectly hitting Sachin’s farewell. It is not good in speaking about the past and also according to me that farewell was rightful to Sachin for the work he done to Indian cricket. I also wish there will be a decent farewell for Dhoni at Sydney though he will not be playing.


It has been rumoured that he might announce his retirement after this current series but with a decent performance of  V Kohli as a captain in the first test against Australia MSD would have decided before the series ends. According to me it is not a bad decision, how much can a player pile up defeats with no sources and also with a dip in his personal performance in Tests. After the announcement from BCCI many fans registered in social networking sites as, it is a right decision by Dhoni because they don’t want their hero to be doomed more without any reasons.


It is debated whether its a right time to announce his retirement according to me it is not with only one match remaining in the current series and with only 46 days for world cup it has given a good opportunity for big mouths to medias which will affect the team mentally.

Finally, the selfie which took by S Raina after the Test retirement announcement with MSD concludes brilliantly with his tearful eyes speaking millions of words.


Selfie of Raina with MSD after Announcement
Selfie of Raina with MSD after Announcement




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