Kushi is Biryani – My Biryani Story

Kushi iskhushi-is-biryani1 Biryani – My Biryani Story

What does this food have in it?how many fans for it.. no other food has got such a fan following as this… yes, I am talking about THE BIRYANI. Having its origin from the Mughal cuisine this food has build its own empire today. Right from Lucknow Biryani, Bombay biryani, Thalassery biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Calcutta biryani, Bhatkali biryani, Memoni biryani, Palakkad Rawther biryani, Sindhi biryani, Karachi beef biryani, Kalyani biryani, Bohri biryani and our region famed Dindigul biryani, Vaniyambadi biryani has huge number of ardent fans. Though its tastes differently from region to region the pride it earned is same.I have tasted many times this mouthwatering food, but the first experience of tasting this scrumptious food (other than home) is still fresh in my mind.


“I have a long time desire to eat biryani after my mother stopped cooking it at home I was like pestering my mom for my favourite food but she refused to do (grrrrr…) and as a bonus to my pestering activity a newly opened biryani shop has announced an offer as buy one get one free for a week near my locality. Ahhh!!! It’s my time (my mind voice). I strongly recommended the offer to fulfill my long time desire. It was a rainy night in the month of November and yes finally got a nod from my mother at 8.30 p.m. The shop is situated at M.K.B Nagar which was about 5 km from my home. Me and my dad started the journey in bi-cycle by 9.00 p.m with me having a mindset of reaching my long time objective. YES, THE BIRYANI HUNTING STARTS.

It was raining cats and dogs though we reached the destination. But as the saying goes on “Many a slip between the cup and the lip” it was there for me. Yes, the shop was closed, as it was raining no one was there to enquire so next what? Upma at home? (noooooo…..). My father searched for other biryani shops but in vain. So, we started our return trip in another route with a possibility of finding another shop I nearly lost all my hopes of eating my favorite food. I was insisting my dad to return to home, but he was reluctant I felt very pity for him as he is riding the bi-cycle with me in this heavy rain with fully dumped in the water. After a 6 km of ride I was with negative hopes as the time was already 10.30 p.m and strongly insisted my dad to return as the last cutting for my home is nearing. But as I was saying my dad “Polam daddy veetuku” (we’ll go to home) I could see  5 to 7 men standing under the green tube light as we approached further I started reading “BISMILLAH HYDERABADI BIRYANI (HALLAL)” OMG… its there, my hunting objective. We went into the hotel and ordered for 3 half biryani as I was shivering due to the effect of rain I stood near the biryani vessel which was giving a warm feeling with its heat. The smell and the ding ding sound of the biryani vessel… wahhh awesomatic!!! (slangy) my mouth rained equaled to the outside condition, but I secretly swallowed my saliva in order to avoid my embarrassing situation with others. We got the parcels and I was holding the bag full of biryani as if  I have achieved something great. Finally, the clock was ticking 11 we reached our home. I quickly changed my dress and sat on the floor with the opened parcel. Yes, my tasty, appetizing, scrumptious, yummy, luscious, delectable, mouthwatering BIRYANI is in front of me. Enjoyed every bit and finished it as a hungry lion.

Though I have eaten it hundreds of time after this the first-time experience still stays fresh in my mind. And each time I eat my favorite food the memories trickle me to the rainy night. The lust for Biryani never ends in me.

Many say Biryani is a Food but for me Biryani is an Emotion




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