My experience on TCS interview

Hi, friends happy to meet you in my second post in sharing my experience on my first TCS campus interview in which i got selected.I could read your mind voice…. this idiot got selected in TCS???? unbelievable… mmm but it had happened… as our SUPER STAR says MIRACLES DO HAPPEN 🙂

Okay, lets start “What kind of preparation i did for TCS campus interview?” my college had arranged training with SMART TRAINING INSTITUTE for aptitude and verbal sections. To comment on the training from SMART TRAINING INST. it is simply AWESOME!!! we had 5 sessions of aptitude training and 1 session of verbal training (if am correct). In those 4 sessions more than 120 questions have been given and more than 70 % of them where covered and to be true i never touched my aptitude section other than doing my session workings (we also bunked 1 session its different :P) during other time.

The main reason behind my lethargy behaviour of not preparing for my aptitude section is I was not interested in SOFTWARE jobs. Placement and training department of my college trained us in various aspects of presenting us during interviews (would keenly listen to those because its a general training which will be useful for any freshers) and those too were also very good which polished our skills. We had two mock interviews in which are skills were evaluated and tips were given in the areas in which we have to improve. And finally the dates for TCS has been declared, many of my friends, UG students were sincerely preparing for the interview but i had no clue what should i do (lethargy :0).It was two day interview process with first day aptitude and second day with HR interview. Those students who got percentage 85 and more are directly allowed to attend the HR interview on day 2 without the aptitude exam and this poor boy (its meeee) had only 83 % so, i have to undergo the aptitude test 😦 in our class out of 12 eligible 3 were direct HR.

And finally the D-DAY has arrived we were asked to be at our college auditorium at 6.30 a.m (too early only for this little boy).Announcements were being made we were splitted in to batches based on the alphabetical order.Again fate played me thrown in the third batch and to my dismay am the only person of my class in that batch (was drenching my parents with scoldings for keeping my first letter as S 😦 ). The 3 third batch timing is at 12.30 and i was waiting and waiting all the other students were preparing like anything but i was playing candy crush and stick cricket in my mobile. Seeing, other students i jerked a bit whether am taking the situation as granted too much but no use i have to complete my 56 th level in CANDY CRUSH SAGA.

My time has arrived we were asked to take respective computers to take the online tests.First question is email writing for 10 minutes i finished it in 9 minutes and had leisure 1 minute to go through my scribbling 😛 and next is the aptitude and verbal section and to my surprise three questions from SMART papers (THALAIVA U’R GREAT) just attended all with 50-50 confidence only three (3 marks) were those in which i can keep my odds rest was in god’s hand and finished the test and left the hall at 1.30 p.m. All the students were asked to wait in the college auditorium after the written test but i was feeling totally tired and sick (because i was presented at 6.30 a.m) so i left the college without telling to anyone as i was zero confident in my selecting except for my email writing and 3 marks questions.

I was watching T.V. at 8.30 p.m. got a call from my friend that i have been selected in written test i did’nt believed it so confirmed with many friends and at 9.39 p.m. went to my room to dust out my C,C++,JAVA books to start preparing (lol :P) but i cant felt very sleepy so went to bed feeling am an ELECTRICAL ENGINEER WHY TO WORK HARD FOR A SOFTWARE JOB?. But another feeling also went through my mind God has made me to cross 80% percent of the well why he should do it to me ? because he wants me to cross that 20% by myself.Myself along with 3 direct HR students were going to attend the interview the next day

So, the J-day had arrived as usual at 7.a.m at college premises with blazers, shoes etc (believe me i look cool in blazers) as usual am in 3rd batch was waiting for my turn started playing CANDY CRUSH & STICK CRICKET and also lended one ear to the students who has leaving the interview panel.Actually there were almost 30 panels and i was called to 27 th panel and there it goes the name was called.

There were 3 interviewers one gent and two women. The happenings goes like this

I entered the section and before taking the seat wished them HAPPY AFTERNOON to each one individually and took my seat hearing that

MALE: Happy afternoon…? that sounds great u think u had ur happy afternoon had ur lunch?

ME: Ya, ofcourse sir being selected to the final round of the INDIA’S reputed concern TCS made my afternoon HAPPY…(with a smile)

MALE: Good (other 2 were going through my resume )

MALE: so Sridhar now what question u expecting us to ask?

ME: was paused a little with a smile and replied “sir actually our trainers has trained with TELL ABOUT YOUR SELF will be your first question so ready with it sir

MALE: so you are well prepared with that

ME: yes sir

MALE: okay, let we put it in this way tell about your self which u have not mentioned in your resume

ME: i could not able to answer instantly was skipping time over 30 seconds with by smiling them and started replying sir “my achievements strengths have been mentioned in my resume itself but my weakness is not mentioned i think u were trying to ask me abt that sir

MALE: mmm…

ME: sir actually i believe everyone just at a first sight i have suffered lot due to this behaviour when am analysing my self few days before i found this as my greatest weakness now am working on to overcome it sir.

MALE: mmm ok good… Now ur question itself tell me about your self

ME: started saying about my self my achievement etc….and also said i have been the president of my department association and conducted a national level symposium bla bla

MALE:  The interview is going in the first floor u came through the staircase how many steps were there?

ME: Me jerked a bit and was smiling to skip the time and asked him sir whether approximate answer is enough?

MALE:  I ll go and check with what u answer u said

ME: sir it might be 18 because spiritually 18 is a good number sir

MALE: oh u r a follower of ayyapan?

ME: not a follower but have belief in god…

MALE: no… some pathinettampadi song is der na so nly asked u

ME: ok sir with a smile

FEMALE 1: Ok, u have been a president of ur association how and all u planned for the event

ME: explained them about the initial planning , execution etc.

FEMALE 2: Tell about any issue which u handled while u were organising

ME: i explained them about an issue between students and how i sorted out..

FEMALE 1: u are the student of DON BOSCO?

ME:  yes mam…

FEMALE 1: Being completed your 12 th from a famous institution y u were not admitted in to ANNA UNIVERSITY (actually this question was tossed to degrade me)

ME: Mam are u thinking that DON BOSCO of Egmore…?


ME: mam its not that school i have completed my schooling from DON BOSCO,Erukancheri its a different institution mam

FEMALE 1: Oh i see…

FEMALE 2: Tell about your project how its useful for the society

ME: explained abt the project and its advantage to the society

MALE: ok, are u ready to work in shifts and with two year bond

ME: I replied yes

MALE: ok thats it u can go

ME: Thank u sir (with a smile)

MALE: with a smile said surely not only this after noon but also ur day will also be happy (with this he hinted some positive result)

And that’s it i waited till 8.00P.M and they announced the result 3 from our class were selected in the interview.

I posted this not to boast my self but reading this freshers will get an idea and u can also comment if any thing has to be corrected with my self

My English might be odd, but improving on it please bear it :)

Welcome your comments and ready to reconsider my view if it is valid :)


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