I was not watching the news clearly on that day… “Indian vice-ambassador to U.S Devyani kopungadre was arrested by the American police for faking U.S by showing false documents for her servant Sangeetha Richards” this was what i heard my reaction was not so deep because she has done wrong so she is been arrested nothing there in this issue to argue more other than Indian civil officer allegedly involving in it.

But the next day was shocking same news telecasted our M.P’s of the parliament arguing for this issue at first i thought they were stressing Indian government to call back our ambassador for her activity but it was converse our honourable members of the parliament were supporting Devyani kopungadre and slamming American government for misbehaving to Indian ambassador.

As far as i know Devyani kopungadre, was searching for a maid for her American home in India and finally she found Sangeetha Richards for Rs.30,000 which is a meagre amount for servants according to America (in America) so in order to get the visa clearance Devayani faked the documents that salary is higher etc… but after joining the work there were problems for sangeetha Richards like not paying the agreed salary, overtime etc so she filed the case against devyani so,from here on what is the wrong in arresting her ? In India lokpal bill was passed to show that every citizen of India are equal even the politicians if they do what ever wrong. But for this issue why all are showing their protest this much? Was it same for all the issues? definitely not. India was taking the actions according to INDIAN LAW in the issue of 2 Italians who shot the Indian in the Indian coast. So, according to me America is doing their duty in this issue they may be different in other issues but this is not the time to compare it.


My English might be odd, but improving on it please bear it 🙂

Welcome your comments and ready to reconsider my view if it is valid 🙂


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  1. Jacobkumar says:

    The story of Kobragade and Sangeetha goes like this, that I will provide you step by step –
    1. Kobragade hired Sangeetha as a maid to work in US and in order to get her the maid visa she showed $4500 per month as the salary that would be paid. Once the maid got the visa, before the maid was leaving for NY, Kobragade modified the visa document and changed the figure to Rs. 30,000 per month and took out the 40 hours per week clasuse from the document and made the maid sign it. She took the original agreement paper back from the maid and gave her the revised one. However, the revised one was not provided to US embassy. This happened in Nov. 2012.
    2. Sangeetha thought it was okay initially only to find out that she was made to work from 6 am in the morning until 11 pm at night and made to do household work, cleaning, taking care of kids and everything a servant would do. The only free time she got was to go to church for 2 hours on Sundays.
    3. Frustrated with this and realising the mistake within the first few months, Richards started demanding more salary from Kobragade for the extra hours of work she was doing. It was refused by Kobragade.
    4. Moreover Kobragade took the passport of the maid and kept in her custody, thinking that this would prevent the maid from traveling back to India if she was not happy with her. This is illegal in US and employers are not allowed to hold to employee’s passports. This is a crime. But Kobragade thought since Sangeetha was new in the country, she would not find out and keep quiet.
    6. After several fights and arguments, Sangeetha got frustrated and one day in June 2013 she just packed her bags and left seeking shelter. She got shelter for a day at some church shelter. The next day the human rights society of NY came to know of this case took her in their custody where they got a full briefing of the episode.
    7. Meanwhile, sensing trouble Kobragade registered a police complaint saying that the maid ran away with valuable jewelery, her cell phone and money. When police showed up at her home and asked for details and proof, Kobragade and her husband said they would make the list of items stolen and provide to police, but they never did.
    8. The human rights society called Kobragade and wanted to resolve the issue of the maid. They demanded that Kobragade return the maid’s passport and pay her the difference of money for having worked extra hours. Kobragade refused and reached out to Indian government with false accusations against the maid. The Indian government registered a case for arrest of Sangeetha in India.
    9. When the negotiations failed, the human rights society reported the incident to US customs and immigration law. When US verified the facts, they discovered that what the maid had was a forgery document and not the one Kobragade produced at US consulate for the maid visa. Based on this and the underpay, they sent out letters to Kobragade and alerted Indian government by official letter about the fraud in September 2013. Both Kobragade and Indian government did not pay any heed to the letter which they threw to waste basket.
    10. As the time given for clarification subsized, the US immigration arrested Kobragade in December, took her to court, recorded her statement in front of the grand jury in NY. She lied under oath that she did not forger any document and everything the maid said was wrong. Indeed she was strip searched because this is one of the essential duties the jail people perform when people are caught under criminal act and have to be jailed. In the past, criminals being jailed have had history of carrying notorious objects inside their bodied to cause harm to police and other fellow prisoners. This is very routine. She was later released on bail on the same day.
    11. Kobragade then made numerous calls to the place where the maid was under custody, first threatening her of actions in India against her family members and when things did not work requesting her to take back the complaint and that she would give the passport back to her and whetever salary difference she wanted. But it was too late to negotiate since the case was already in court and with US customs and immigration.
    Moreover when this thing happened the US customes and immigration took custody of the maid to protect her from further damage from Kobragade.
    12. Meanwhile Kobragade ran from heaven to hell through her influential father in India to put pressure on US to drop the case against her. But the US court in NY issued her a summons to appear before court on Jan 13 2013.
    13. Meanwhile Kobragade somehow managed to get immunity from Indian government and under this pretext came back to India on Jan 9 2013. She neither contested the charges nor appeared before the court on Jan 13 2013. So the US issued arrest warrant on her if she ever came back to US to meet her family or on any work as soon as she landed on US soil.
    14.Kobragade using her father and corrupt Indian diplomats tried to bring pressure on US first by suspending their diplomat from Delhi, then suspending all the amenities provided to US diplomats in India as part of bilateral agreement such as club, pool, food, wine and other facilities available. They also shut down the US embassy school hoping to bring down pressure on US so that the case against Kobragade would be dropped.
    15. The US did not budge under pressure and stood firm. And when the Indian government decided to torture Sangeetha’s husband and children in Goa, US got them US visas to come to NY and join Sangeetha. This is done as per law and the law states that in order to justify a claim the defendant can bring her family to US during the course of the trial so that the proof can be provided.
    16. Then the latest development that have been happening are when India learnt that pressurizing techniques did not work, they tried to bring Indo-US business and trade benefits and cutural issues with US senators and US immigration to soften their stand and make them drop the case. But US said NO and has been saying NO.
    17. What I know about US is that once they say NO, it is always a NO. It cannot be made to a YES like in India where we can bribe politicians or higher ups in positions.
    18. There is also one more thing unearthing from the Kobragade family in India, Bombay is that they have illegally possessed two flat in Adarsh flat scheme which is meant for war widows of Kargill war. She and her father allegedly either did forgery of documents or bribed builders and government to book two flats in that scheme. The government is not taking action against them or many other MPs who have got a flat in that scheme even though they are not war widows.
    19. One more thing unearthed during this period was that Kobragade married a US citizen and the law of India says that the diplomats must marry Indian citizens. Since Kobragade’s plan was to finally get US citizenship for herself and children, she must have planned this. This is again illegal and India did not punish her for that. All the fight she was putting up to go back to US by dropping the case against her was to achieve this. Since it has not been successful, now she is trying to get her family back in India. Nobody know how it is going to work.

    Knowing all that and the torture that the maid has gone through, I am happy with US stand on this case. But it is only India showing the shameless acts against a country that is actually helping boost India’s economy. But definitely Sangeetha and her family are finally benefiting from this, they have been provided asylum by US as victims of human traficking and got visas to work in US (T Visa) which can help them to be citizens of US.

    Hope that explains the case to you.

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