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I was not watching the news clearly on that day… “Indian vice-ambassador to U.S Devyani kopungadre was arrested by the American police for faking U.S by showing false documents for her servant Sangeetha Richards” this was what i heard my reaction was not so deep because she has done wrong so she is been arrested nothing there in this issue to argue more other than Indian civil officer allegedly involving in it.

But the next day was shocking same news telecasted our M.P’s of the parliament arguing for this issue at first i thought they were stressing Indian government to call back our ambassador for her activity but it was converse our honourable members of the parliament were supporting Devyani kopungadre and slamming American government for misbehaving to Indian ambassador.

As far as i know Devyani kopungadre, was searching for a maid for her American home in India and finally she found Sangeetha Richards for Rs.30,000 which is a meagre amount for servants according to America (in America) so in order to get the visa clearance Devayani faked the documents that salary is higher etc… but after joining the work there were problems for sangeetha Richards like not paying the agreed salary, overtime etc so she filed the case against devyani so,from here on what is the wrong in arresting her ? In India lokpal bill was passed to show that every citizen of India are equal even the politicians if they do what ever wrong. But for this issue why all are showing their protest this much? Was it same for all the issues? definitely not. India was taking the actions according to INDIAN LAW in the issue of 2 Italians who shot the Indian in the Indian coast. So, according to me America is doing their duty in this issue they may be different in other issues but this is not the time to compare it.


My English might be odd, but improving on it please bear it :)

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